Buangkok Square Singapore

Block 991 Buangkok Link, Singapore 530991


Buangkok Square is an HBD, a New Generation Neighbourhood Centre (NGNC) that is located at the heart of the neighborhood of Buangkok which is in the northern part of Hougang Town. This unique mall is a 3-story mall that has a Net Lettable Area (NLA) of 53,000 square feet.

It serves with convenience in style where families can meet and bond over a meal or even for an exciting grocery trip. It offers different food and beverage choices, a supermarket and lifestyle-related services at the same time that caters to the needs of the residents near it every single day. Parents are ecstatic because of the enrichment schools that they can find which will help nurture their kids.

Buangkok Square is also a great shopping alternative to the residents of surrounding Buangkok, Sengkang and Hougang. POSB ATM and AXS machines are also available for use. And you don’t want to miss the regular events and activities like fortnightly Zumba classes, trade fairs and festive celebrations that are organized at the air-conditioned indoor atrium and/or sheltered community plaza.

Other quick facts:

  • The mall is located at 991 Buangkok Link.
  • It has 3 levels of retails and a multi-story car park.
  • The total net lettable area is 53,000 square feet.
  • It has 46 shops
  • Parking lots: 416

Buangkok Square Project Facts
Expand Group of Companies handled this project. They are one of the major home-grown building construction groups in Singapore with construction support services and integrated civil engineering capabilities. They are primarily involved in the construction of industrial, residential and special niche projects as the main contractor. They have expensive track records of their notable and iconic projects with outstanding performance as well as high-quality products and services.

The Expand Group of Companies client for this project: Housing and Development Board

  • Project commencement: 2014
  • The type of project: Residential
  • The overall value of the project: S$110 million
  • Contract period: 33.5 months
  • Location: Bounded by Buangkok Link and Buangkok Crescent

This project is a Public Housing Development that has 4 blocks of 16-story residential blocks with a total of 725 units with MSCP, ESS & Precinct Pavilion, Community & Commercial Facilities.

Young ones and adults can take advantage of the different recreational facilities, a playground and fitness stations. For relaxation, a precinct pavilion, plaza, and rest shelters are provided.

The neighborhood center is comprised of shops, food court, food outlets, enrichment centers, and a supermarket. It has a diverse array of food and shopping choices.


Buangkok is located in northeastern Singapore. The neighborhood is approximately spread across the Trafalgar and Compassvale subzones of Hougang and Sengkang Planning Areas.

Lorong Buangkok was named Buangkok which means “united countries,” named after “Multi Nations” – Singapore United Rubber Plantations Limited located in Teochew as chosen by the URA.

In the late 1990s when Sengkang was developed, a huge section of Lorong Buangkok was removed to develop the new town. Lorong Buangkok is now truncated into two sections:

  1. West end of Buangkok and its entrance is near Yio Chu Kang Road.
  2. The shorter section is located within Sengkang which’s just near Punggol Road.

In the early twentieth century, Chinese farmers settled in the vicinity of the land. The land partly belonged to the Singapore United Rubber Plantation Limited and partly to the state.

Buangkok was once overcrowded and filled by villages and kampongs but was cleared in 2005 and 2009. The last known kampong and the only remaining village that is conserved up to this date is the Kampong Lorong.

Transportation in Buangkok
Serving the residents of Buangkok are Buangkok MRT Station (NE15) on the North-East line of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). It opened last January 15, 2006.

Bus services that serve the station are 27, 43, 43e, 43M and 102. The bus services that enter the western part of Buangkok town are 101 and 329. Buses services that pass by Buangkok town are 43, 43M, 88, 109, 156, 159, 161, 325, 575, 660, 672 and 729.


Buangkok Square Mall located in Buangkok Crescent opened last February 2019, the only mall located in this area. It is considered a gem by the residents living around its vicinity because of what the mall can offer to the people.

It has a beautiful and unique fountain where people get to see, chill and unwind. It gives you the feeling of being in a relaxing resort.

Buangkok Square Directory Guide
The best thing about Buangkok Square Mall is that it features household brands to provide the basic needs of the residents near it. It also has more than 10 food and beverage outlets that will surely satisfy your cravings. One of the best offers here is the enrichment centers that parents can choose from for their kids. It will surely delight everyone who will come to visit the mall!

Here is the Bangkok Square Directory:

Level 1:
#01-01 – In Touch Teleshop
#01-02 – Mr. Snippers Classic Barber Shop
#01-03 – Sweet Things Pte Ltd
#01-04 – Mr. Bean
#01-05 – You Pin Lifestyle
#01-06 – KS Life
#01-07/08 – Selfix DIY
#01-09 – Kim Able Household
#01-10 – Sin Xiong Ji
#01-11 – De Fro LLP
#01-12 – Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
#01-13 – Kue Kue Nyonya by Bakery Cuisine
#01-14 – McDonald’s
#01-17/18/19 – Roast & Toast
#01-20/21 – Bread Junction
#01-22/23 – Value Dollar
#01-24/25 – Suzy Ameer
#01-26 – Red Dot Bike
#01-27 – R&B Tea
#01-28 – Prime the Grocer Community Plaza

Level 2:
#02-01 – Future Masters
#02-02 – K Cuts 10
#02-03/04 – YSTUDIO
#02-05 – Pinnacle Family Clinic
#02-06/07 – Unity Pharmacy
#02-08 – Meijin Natural
#02-09 – Pizza Hut
#02-10 – Papa Café
#02-11 – Kaki Makan
#02-12 – 7-Eleven
#02-13/14 – Sunshine Childhood Playland
#02-15 – Esuta Cottage
#02-16 – Myeongdong Hair Studio
#02-17 – Joy Dental Centre (Buangkok)
#02-18 – Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic
#02-19 – Sole Paradise Pte Ltd
#02-21 – Koufu Foodcourt

Level 3:
#03-01/02/06 – Berries World of Learning School
#03-03/04 – Kuno Method
#03-05 – Global Art
#03-07/08 – Mavis Tutorial Centre
#03-09/10 – Cristofori Music School
#03-11 – Dancepointe Academy Roof Garden

Reasons Why People Love Buangkok Square Mall

Reasons Why People Love Buangkok Square Mall

  1. It is a one-stop shopping experience
    Overlooks a lush green neighborhood park. It has retail shops, dining outlets, kiosks, and a supermarket. And people do not regret living in this community.
  2. It is a sheltered Community Plaza
    Community plaza has a convenient location for everyone with water features providing an activity and gathering space for the nearby residents, and it is also accessible from the nearby residential park and blocks.
  3. The facilities are easy to reach
    Mall’s unique design capitalizes on the terrain, bringing the users from the higher north end of the development by a stimulating shopping mall to the public plaza that opens out into a common green.
  4. It is well connected
    A bust stop, visitors are welcomed by an inviting entrance. It also has a 24-hour access street through the development which leads residents to their residential blocks.
  5. It has an integrated park
    Sheltered community plaza is integrated well with the neighborhood park. Residents of the nearby mall can stroll around its rain gardens and use facilities like fitness stations and shelters, playgrounds, and even learn exciting facts about the local history from the sculpture of kampong animals that are placed beautifully.
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